Elder Care Trust is a Non-Government Organization founded in 2014 with a vision to support the vulnerable elderly. Elder Care Trust is dedicated for the betterment of the elderly, provide medical / non-medical support, awareness about Geriatric issues and changes in physiological as well as psychological behavior after a certain age. 

The Trust assists those elders who are physically dependent on others for their daily living, and to provide a life of dignity during the final years of their life.

Our Story

Today’s young will become tomorrow’s old. Their mindset, needs and wants are different from today’s or yesterday’s old generation. They would like to seek their independence and are less likely to be a burden on their children. With rising Healthcare Costs & Life-Expectancy rates, the elderly would like to seek a life of dignity and respect without losing their independence. At the same time, they require continuous support and care, including basic day-to-day living support even for things as simple as walking to the bathroom.

Elder Care Trust aims to empower these Elderly to live a life of dignity, counselling, companionship. The needs and wants of the seniors are completely different than the yougsters, which is often neglected in our society. Elder Care Trust conducts preventive checkups, education campaigns, medical support, nursing support, Geriatric Care, medical equipments, etc to enable a the elderly to live happily towards the end of their life.


Our Mission is to enable healthy life at affordable cost for all.


Our Vision is to provide the life of dignity for our respectable Elders

- To perform works of charity, social, medical & Educational for those in need, irrespective of race, caste, community or creed 

- To provide any possible medical, surgical or any other care for the senior citizens 

- To provide social, educational and legal assistance to senior citizens 

- To establish, conduct, manage, promote, maintain, equip, administer social welfare centers / social training centers, reading rooms, dispensaries, hospitals, clubs, temporary or permanent boarding shelters, recreational centers, demonstration centers, training centers, nursing centers, medical colleges, research centers 

- To encourage Geriatric welfare with promoting scientific research and experimental works 

- To hold scientific and social meetings separately or along with other societies or charitable trust or NGOs 

- To hold scientific and social discussion and any update in Geriatric care and counselling 

- To provide for delivery and holding of lectures, meeting and classes for benefiting everyone in the Geriatric category


Pranali I Trivedi



Vijan Trivedi

Managing Trustee


Irsan Trivedi


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  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate


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